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Welcome! It’s well known that a diverse investment portfolio reduces financial risk. So wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a simple, reliable way of keeping track of all your investments?

Well, here it is.

This web-based service enables us to review your entire portfolio from one web page, wherever your pensions, investments or savings are invested. We prefer to take a holistic approach to your financial planning, making your money work harder, adjusting to all life’s changes and making your financial life easier.

  • Discounts on funds as they grow
  • Overview of all your affairs
  • Frequent reviews
  • Online access

One Statement – One Contact

Ask yourself these questions. Do you know:

The total value of your pensions, investments and savings today?

What your current asset allocation is overall?

Your ideal overall asset allocation?

How much tax you pay on your investments and savings?

The charges you pay on your pensions, investments and savings?

If not, we should talk.

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